Camera Optimized Handball Goal Net for the HSG-Club Wetzlar

Already during the handball world cup in Germany 2007 and the handball world cup 2011 in Sweden, HUCK handball goal nets were successfully used, because they are long-lasting and resistant. This is due in large parts to the high stability and strength of the meshes, the low abrasion of the knotless nets connections and the high-quality fabrication.

So that the fans of the club don’t miss a single goal, the camera optimized Huck handball goal net black and white literally is brought into the play:

By using a two-colored net both, the players and the fans, are guaranteed a perfect view on the field. The white side of the net points towards the playing field while the black side points towards the fans and cameras. The reason for this is as simple as it is clever: The white side provides a higher contrast for the players, while the black side of the net guarantees the optimal transparency for the cameras and the viewers.

The knotless handball goal net is made out of strong and long-lasting 3.5 mm polypropylene and designed in both stylish and innovative hexagonal meshes design, so that the HSG Wetzlar keeps playing in the handball first league in the future.