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Volleyball tournament net in Polypropylene 3 mm dia. with Kevlar cable, 6-point suspension

Article number: 5166
Ships in approx. 3-4 days

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Article number: 5166
Available colours: Black (06)
Execution: DVV
Material diameter: 3 mm
Suspension: 6-point suspension
Ships in approx. 3-4 days

Knotless Volleyball tournament net, length 9.50 m, in approx. 3 mm high tenacity Polypropylene. with Kevlar cable (5 mm dia. and 11.70 m long).
Fibreglass-reinforced poylester rods sewn into the sides at each end, 6-point suspension and 6 tie cords with quick release fastener.

All our Volleyball nets are fitted with a plastic disc at both ends of the net, to prevent the steel or Kevlar cable from accidentally slipping back into the tape.